Magnolia Tale

When spring finally unraveled its colors and scents, I was feeling so enthusiastic that just couldn't stop shooting this newborn delicate beauty. If it weren't for the price of film, I think I could spend all of my days outside waiting for perfect moments and capturing them.

The personal work I want to share with you today is a mixture of my own shots and portraits of me that were made by my dearest husband. I guided him for the technical part while he directed me for the poses. It was an interesting experience and I was touched by his unique vision of me. I have been longing for a set of portraits that would uncover my esthetic sense and describe me as a person. Blooming magnolias are full of poetry and romance and that's why I chose them as a setting. I love when magnolias trees bend down to earth and you can literally walk into them. These were just like that. It felt unusual to be facing the camera instead of looking through it but I enjoyed it. Days like this make my life feel complete and endowed with meaning, and I like to keep these precious memories close to my heart.

Quand le printemps nous a finalement dévoilé ces vraies couleurs et senteurs, j'étais tellement enthousiaste que je ne pouvais cesser de prendre des photos de cette beauté éphémère et délicate. Si l'argentique ne coûtait pas aussi cher, je pense que je passerais toutes mes journées à l'extérieur en imbibant mes films d'instants achevés.

Les photos personnelles que je tiens à partager avec vous aujourd'hui sont un mélange de mes propres clichés avec quelques portraits de moi qui ont été faits par mon mari. Je le guidais pour la partie technique alors qu'il me faisait poser. C'était une expérience riche et intéressante et j'étais touchée de pouvoir découvrir la manière dont je suis vue par mon chéri. Depuis déjà bien longtemps, j'avais envie d'avoir des portraits de moi, révélateurs de mon sens de l'esthétique ainsi que capable de me décrire fidèlement en tant que personne. Les magnolias en fleur sont pleins de poésie et de romantisme et constituèrent ainsi un cadre parfait pour cette petite session. J'aime quand les magnolias font pendre leurs branches jusqu'au sol et que l'on puisse littéralement marcher dans l'arbre. Les magnolias du jardin botanique où nous nous sommes dirigés étaient justement comme décrit. Certes, c'était inhabituel pour moi de se retrouver de l'autre côté de l'objectif mais je l'ai bien apprécié. Je pense que les jours comme celui-ci donnent un sens à la vie et il faut garder précieusement ces souvenirs.

Two seasons of Belgium

I wanted to slow down a little and take some time to post some personal work here.

Every artist has its own source of inspiration. One of the things that inspires me most in life is Love. Love has awaken all of my senses and thanks to it I can finally say – I found myself in photography. I found what I have been longing for since the very first day when I started shooting – a way to capture beauty, tenderness, softness and light in the most natural, intuitive and simple way. Surely, I can’t say that I already achieved everything that I aspire. Moreover, I think their is no limit to perfection. However, I feel like now I’m a step closer to the artist I want to be. I’m grateful to Love for these changes and especially to the person who embodies it most in my life – my husband. He has been pushing me forwards a lot so that my passion could evolve into something bigger and I think he succeeded in it.

This last year we have spent a lot of our weekends wandering through enchanted forests and parks and I have finally learned to fully love the place where I’ve been living for more than 15 years. Below you can find photos that I took during our walks in October and in March. They were taken in the same park which is located in La Hulpe. 

October 2015

March 2016

Welcome post

This is my first post in this blog and therefore I want it to be my little welcome post for all of you who decided to pop by and visit my brand new personal page! For many years my photographs have been living on Flickr. As I saw my audience grow, I became more confident about my work and finally decided that it's a good enough timing for creating a personal website.

I see that my work has been all over Tumblr for the past year or so! To all my Tumblr friends - thank you for sharing my work, guys!!! I'm so grateful to you! I hope that I will find you on my site as well.

So you might ask me why did I create this site and this blog after all? I want to share with you not only my photos but my personal stories related to them! You will find here info about my travels, the workshops I took part of, my styled shoots, my plans...

Being able to share with you my passion means a lot to me! I want to hear feedback from you, suggestions about my work and about my site. Ask me questions. Let's be friends :)

So to end up this little post - I warmly welcome you here! I hope you will enjoy my photos and my posts.



Llama film portrait in the Ands, Patagonia / Portrait argentique d'un llama dans les Andes, Patagonie