Lofoten Islands - Winter Escape

Reminiscing some of the best moments of 2017 today by finally blogging this series of images taken on the Lofoten archipelago. We visited the Lofoten islands last March and it was a long nurtured dream coming true. This Norwegian chain of islands is located above the Arctic Circle but has a very mild climate for its latitude. It is formed of utterly majestic mountain peaks rising straight from the water that are considered by some geologists as being the oldest rock formations still visible to us on Earth. Man becomes insignificant when standing in this rugged landscape of untouched and pure beauty. Fierce winds and bad weather are not uncommon here, and when they hit the area you feel like an unwelcome guest. However when you happen to encounter moments of stillness, you truly feel nature's blessing.

For the whole trip we based ourselves in the scenic village of Reine. Our stay was very authentic since we rented a typical Norwegian fisherman wooden cabin termed "rorbu". During 7 days we drove and explored these jaw dropping islands at our own pace. We experienced all kinds of weather: some sun (although very rare), a lot of rain, a storm with very strong winds that made our "rorbu" squeack and shake for 2 days, hale and of course snow. Although not very suitable for long walks, this endless metamorphosis made up for some really epic shots. Probably one of the most impressive places that we visited was the Unstad bay. Unstad is a little Lofoten village with a paradise shoreline, connected to the rest of the world by a narrow one-way tunnel carved into a mountain. Once you cross this tunnel, you literally end up in parallel universe of unspeakable beauty. On the day when we visited Unstad, raging arctic winds made the ocean explode in a myriad of aerosols right about every second. This unearthly beautiful spectacle truly made my heart skip a beat. I have never seen anything like it.

Needless to say, I promised myself to come back to this wild and remote archipelago again. Probably in summer time to experience the midnight sun and get a chance to do boat trips and hike around some of the peaks.

Lofoten2017-92OKsRGB bis.jpg
Lofoten2017-275OKsRGB bis.jpg
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Lofoten2017-145OKsRGB bis.jpg
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