Welcome post

This is my first post in this blog and therefore I want it to be my little welcome post for all of you who decided to pop by and visit my brand new personal page! For many years my photographs have been living on Flickr. As I saw my audience grow, I became more confident about my work and finally decided that it's a good enough timing for creating a personal website.

I see that my work has been all over Tumblr for the past year or so! To all my Tumblr friends - thank you for sharing my work, guys!!! I'm so grateful to you! I hope that I will find you on my site as well.

So you might ask me why did I create this site and this blog after all? I want to share with you not only my photos but my personal stories related to them! You will find here info about my travels, the workshops I took part of, my styled shoots, my plans...

Being able to share with you my passion means a lot to me! I want to hear feedback from you, suggestions about my work and about my site. Ask me questions. Let's be friends :)

So to end up this little post - I warmly welcome you here! I hope you will enjoy my photos and my posts.



Llama film portrait in the Ands, Patagonia / Portrait argentique d'un llama dans les Andes, Patagonie